We have developed a wide range of data export partnerships with leading stock portals including AutoTrader and Motors.

This means that once you add your stock to our solutions these other marketing tools are only a click away. We are adding to our roster of partners all the time, please contact us for a list of those we currently export. If you have other export requirements, please let us know, we often develop specific feeds for our client partners.

Add stock to advertising

We have a number of systems which allow manufacturers and retailers to select stock to market on 3rd Party and other parts of their digital estate via API. In addition, we provide a number of tracking options to ensure you are getting value from the campaign in the form of views and leads.

  • Allow retailers to show key stock on their other web presences and deep link directly to their stock in a national stock locator.
  • Provide stock in advertising campaigns, retailers and manufacturers can select individual stock or rule based selections that can be used in email campaigns, advertising banners and a number of other 3rd party advertising services.
  • Provide search in advertising campaigns, allow consumers to search stock from the national stock locator directly from an advertising banner and deep link to stock or searches.

Real-time actionable advice

Help retailers make the most of their stock. Our stock management systems provide advice to retailers about the quality of the marketing they have on vehicles, allowing the retailer they are giving their stock the best chance of being viewed and getting leads. This advice takes the form of traffic light signals in the retailer dashboards and are based on a number of rules gleaned both from years of experience in the industry and also manufacturer specific guidelines including:

  • Stock has actual images
  • Stock has key features marked
  • Stock is being sent to 3rd party portals
  • Stock is updated regularly
  • Stock meets approved guidelines
  • Stock is appropriately priced (against network)