We have long relationships with leading insurers and accident repair services and can provide management over the entire process.

Our partners at RecoAssist can manage the entire insurance to repair process for you allowing you to continue to focus on your key business.

When a customer has an accident in one of your vehicles, as a manufacturer, you want to ensure that while their vehicle is off the road they are kept in the comfort they are used to. Our solutions can locate a vehicle of the same or higher specification from stock that can be used as a loan vehicle for the length of any repair, this means the customer stays in brand, is potentially upsold into their next vehicle (as it is available stock they are driving) and feels the brand is looking after their needs at this stressful time.

Our systems allow repairers to source both new and ‘green’ parts for vehicles via our partnership with RecoParts. This reduces the cost of parts and time spent sourcing allowing for increased margins on repairs.

Should the worst happen and a vehicle be written off after an accident, our systems allow you to find a replacement vehicle for them quickly that matches or exceeds their previous specification (again keeping them in brand) and connect the consumer directly with the retailer to make the purchase as smooth as possible. The written off vehicle can then be taken into our trading platform and made available to recyclers for purchase thus replenishing the stock of green parts for repairs.