We have in depth experience providing manufacturer to retailer stock selling systems.

These solutions are always tailored to the specific requirements of our client partners but typically include the following features:

  • Integration with defleet/logistics partners for stock import, updates and stock status in the defleet process.
  • Integration with finance partners for credit based transactions, stock sales and other transaction details.
  • Range of purchase types like: ‘buy now’, ‘make an offer’, ‘place a bid’, ‘sale or return’.
  • Allow retailers to take stock directly into their retail inventory on purchase completion.
  • In line intelligence tools for retailers to inform their purchasing decisions.
  • In line intelligence tools for manufacturers including tracking buying trends, inbound stock indicators and search locator activity.
  • Take actions inline without leaving search results.
  • Bulk tools for administrators.
  • Full audit of all transactions and changes, viewable by administrators.